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Welcome to my page and thanks for stopping by.

I have finally gotten around to filling this section out a little for the one person who eventually decides to actually read it all :)

I very thoughtfully organized the information into sections by topic so if you want to skip to a certain type of information you can do so with out having to skim through everything else.

Llamas - I currently give Llama-4-Llama or Llama-4-Points

Deviant Watching - I do not do Watch-for-Watch. Nothing personal, I just don't believe in it. While I watch all groups I am in I currently don't watch any individuals as I barely have time for DA as it is. I appreciate anyone who actually watches me :D and will interact as much as I can with anyone who interacts with me ... that said I would rather you not click the watch button if you have no interest in anything I do and you don't plan on ever actually supporting me :(

Photography – I currently have several Nikon DSLR cameras and will likely continue to add new ones for no good reason (I hate changing lenses, don’t judge me, you don’t know me ;P ). I have been mostly using a macro lens but have several zoom lenses. I originally started taking pictures so I would have my own reference pictures for my artistic pursuits and have become addicted to pointing the camera at stuff and trying to get an image that is artistic in and of itself. I do not currently discriminate as to what I will point the camera at, so if you see some subject in my gallery you like, you will only see more of that type of subject if I do. That said, I most likely have more images of different angles of a particular subject I have not uploaded, if you are really desperate and ask super nicely I might consider uploading more. No you may not use any pictures not listed as stock in photo-manipulations, though if you ask I may consider giving individual, case-by-case, use permission.

Stock – I had originally joined deviantART mainly to provide stock images for others to use. I have since come to the conclusion that the type of images I take are of little to no use to anyone. I might consider up loading the occasional stock image, but, for now anyway, I most likely will not be adding much in the way of stock. The short version of my stock rules are that you must credit me in the description area of your image and notify me if you use anything, and don't do prints or commercial without my specific permission. To see the wordier less friendly sounding version go here:…

Camera and EXIF information, why it is missing – There is only so much I can do to protect my copyright. In a perfect world I would not have to be concerned with someone stealing/plagiarizing my work. This is not a perfect world. Therefore to protect myself I remove the identifying information and crop all photos so that if someone tries to claim my images as his or her own, I can provide the original full size image and expose the fake for what he/she is.

Personal Art and hobbies – I have always enjoyed creating art of various kinds. I have dabbled in acrylic, watercolour and oil painting, but my true love is graphite on smooth paper. When I joined deviantART I had just begun to convert to digital drawing and have taken to photo manipulation as a means to ease myself into it as I am finding it tricky to get a feel for it. I use Photoshop, but as yet refuse to upgrade to CC until I absolutely have to. I use a Wacom tablet, which I love, but it still does not feel the same as putting a pencil to paper. I have too many hobbies and not enough time – I sew, knit, crochet, and sculpt various types of clay, along with various other crafty activities.

Features – Since I had intended to give to the community by way of stock images, and found it to be unproductive, I decided to focus on giving features instead. My intention is to help give exposure to images that I believe deserve the recognition of a larger audience. If for some reason you do not wish to be featured I would be happy to remove you from a feature at your request. If you want someone featured you can make a request, but keep in mind that I will only feature what I choose, based on my personal opinion.

Contest features – I enjoy providing features for contests regardless of what I may personally think of the images contained within because I appreciate the joy the winners have in seeing their work recognized. I don’t discriminate in these features based on my personal feelings as I think each individual has the right to enjoy, create, or find beauty in whatever s/he sees fit, and I enjoy seeing joy. I will not tolerate bullying or rude comments regarding a personal opinion on who should have won or that some image is crap and does not deserve to win.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask, I won't bite (but only because I don't know where you live, unless you tell me, then all bets are off, muahahaha or insert some version of an evil laugh here).

The group Unknown-Photography aims to bring attention to images that are in less than 10 groups, and deserve to have more than 500 views and 50 faves but have been as yet relatively undiscovered.

Featured submissions for the month of:



The red shed by DominikaAniola

The red shed

by DominikaAniola


Sunset at Mompiche - Ecuador by DraculaNosferatu

Sunset at Mompiche - Ecuador

by DraculaNosferatu


Morning light by ecxlv

Morning light

by ecxlv


Neustadt am Weinstrasse by Meduana

Neustadt am Weinstrasse

by Meduana


Clouds by Henssa


by Henssa


Dal Lake Kashmir Srinagar 2014 by junaidbhat

Dal Lake Kashmir Srinagar 2014

by junaidbhat


Ustecki port by Assire2

Ustecki port

by Assire2


Day 5: The romantic traveler by Ymntle-Aleoni

Day 5: The romantic traveler

by Ymntle-Aleoni


Fujikaya by Crossfire322


by Crossfire322


Reflections III by AmberZ-ArtThings

Reflections III

by AmberZ-ArtThings


s h a d o w a n d s o u l by silvia-giuli

s h a d o w a n d s o u l

by silvia-giuli


Struck by lightning by Kiwi29

Struck by lightning

by Kiwi29


flower_99 by Trage3k


by Trage3k


Trapped and lost by suhava

Trapped and lost

by suhava


Follow Me, Mortal by maybenoyes

Follow Me, Mortal

by maybenoyes


Botanical Carden Lake by fcozturk

Botanical Carden Lake

by fcozturk


Emen by agriskalnins


by agriskalnins


Castle in Bobolice by Evefidor

Castle in Bobolice

by Evefidor


Please feel free to comment below

Thanks for stopping by

:D (Big Grin)

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